I highly recommend the MagiCare Clean team. They were polite, respectful and paid attention to detail. Thank you!

We have used several cleaners in the past. Ever since you guys have taken over, the consistent quality has been well noticed by all staff members. Keep up the good work.

Your team has made an impressive difference to all of our childcare centres since you took over in February. I have been in business for 25 years and in the 6 months that you have been looking after our centres, I have to admit your staff are all very well trained and they have made a huge difference. Our childcare staff have been able to focus more of their time on their expertise. I would like to personally thank you for that.

Thank you, MagiCare, for restoring my sandstone retaining wall! My house sold a lot faster due to a well-maintained garden. Little did the new owners know that only days beforehand, the sandstone was black with mould. I can’t believe you were in and out in such a short period of time. I wish I had done it earlier – and my wallet didn’t even feel the pinch! I will recommend you to anyone!

The travertine floor of our balcony was mouldy and had lost its natural look and colour. Now it is back to the original look and the sealer does not make it slippery – even when it is wet. This is great, especially with the kids always running around.

The kitchen floor was restored to its new condition. I was amazed! Thank you, guys. Great effort. Can you please email me the procedure and detergent you recommended to keep our floor cleaner for longer?

Our sandstone was previously cleaned and, unfortunately, damaged by a contractor who used a gurney to clean it. Most of the stains were still visible and the sandstone surface was damaged by the high pressure used on the surface. Your methods brought all our sandstone walls and pavers back to their original look with no further damage caused to the sandstone. I wish we had used your services in the first place. We would have avoided the unrepairable damage caused by the first contractor.

My wife and I haven’t had our carpet cleaned for at least 6 years now. We gave up on the several disappointments we had in the past after it was supposedly steam cleaned. Your team made a difference. Our carpet was dry within 3.5 hrs and it didn’t get dirtier immediately after being steam cleaned. We were amazed at the amount of dirt that existed on our floors that we were never aware was there. Your team made a fantastic difference and I would recommend you to my family and friends.

We recently had our carpets cleaned by a contractor who steam cleaned our nine carpeted rooms for no longer than one hour. My husband was not happy with the results as the carpet was getting dirtier quicker. My friend suggested MagiCare Clean and I have to say, you guys did an amazing job. All our furniture was moved. The cleaning process and attention to detail was quite astonishing. They started at 8am and completed the work 5 hours later. The result was truly amazing and the amount of dirt you extracted from the carpet – after it was only recently cleaned – speaks volumes.  Well done guys. You did a great job.

Most of the stains (including the ink stains) were removed and the leather now has the original soft feel and shine like when we first bought it three years ago.

Please advise as to how often we need to moisturise the leather to avoid it from cracking.

Just when my wife was about to replace our leather couch, you saved my wallet. Great work! The boys did a great job.

The anti-allergen product that you used on our carpets has indeed helped my son who suffers from asthma.