Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

The cleaning of porous surfaces has proven a challenge for most.

At MagiCare Clean our stone, tile and grout cleaning and sealing process has proven to be highly successful without causing immediate or future damage to those surfaces such as cracks in the grout section usually caused by excessive pressure used during cleaning.


Can a gurney be used to clean tiled surfaces (ie Terracotta tiles) , stone pavers (ie Sandstone or Travertine or any type of stone surfaces)?

Gurneys or any high pressure equipment can be very helpful but can also be very damaging.

Soft surfaces such as stones, grout sections are weakened with the use of high pressure machines and causes cracks later on. When used on a hard surface such as concrete driveways and pathways etc, the damage is sometime avoided if the machine is used properly.

I applied a sealer on my floor tiles but now it shows a lot of scratch marks and is peeling off in some areas. Can it be fixed?

The surface can be stripped to remove the old sealer and apply the appropriate sealer that will not change the look or colour of the original tile that was initially installed.

My travertine floor has gone darker in colour than what it was when it was first installed. Can the original colour be restored?

The change in colour is mainly due to the dirt absorbed in the pores during the daily mopping and cleaning.

The travertine floor being a porous surface, does absorb the dirt over time. The pores needs to be properly cleaned and a protection applied to avoid the porous tile being stained in the future. The protection will also prevent the travertine floor to change colour.

Our Sandstone walls shows a lot of black spots and looks very dirty. Should they be replaced?

Definitely no need to replace the sandstone. MagiCare Clean can restore the sandstone to its original look.

Are you an approved applicator to seal my porous tiles and do you give any warranty for the sealer?

MagiCare Clean is an approved applicator for Dry Treat. The warranty of the sealer used will be emailed to you by Dry Treat directly.