Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

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Restore the natural beauty and integrity of your ceramic, sandstone, granite, terracotta, travertine or limestone flooring.

Our accredited specialists use high-quality, eco-friendly products to effortlessly remove stubborn stains and mould from your tiles, protecting their structure and revealing their original shine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our sandstone walls show a lot of black spots and look very dirty. Should they be replaced?

There is absolutely no need to replace your sandstone walls. MagiCare Clean can quickly and easily restore the sandstone to its original look.

Are you an approved applicator to seal my porous tiles? Do you provide a warranty for the sealer?

You can trust us to get the job done right because MagiCare Clean is a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator. The warranty of the sealer we use is always emailed directly to you by Dry-Treat.

Can a gurney be used to clean tiled surfaces (e.g. terracotta tiles) and stone pavers (e.g. sandstone or travertine)?

Gurneys, like any high-pressure equipment, can be very helpful cleaning tools but they can also be very damaging when used in the wrong context. Soft surfaces, such as stone and grout areas, are weakened with the use of high-pressure machines and this causes cracks to form. When used on hard surfaces, such as concrete driveways and paths, the damage is often avoidable if the machine is used properly.

I applied a sealer on my floor but now it is showing lot of scratch marks and peeling off in some areas. Can my tiles be fixed?

The surface can be stripped to remove the old sealer before applying a more appropriate sealer that will not change the look or colour of the original tile. This is something that our team can help advise you on.

Happy Customers (Client Reviews)

Thank you, MagiCare, for restoring my sandstone retaining wall! My house sold a lot faster due to a well-maintained garden. Little did the new owners know that only days beforehand, the sandstone was black with mould. I can’t believe you were in and out in such a short period of time. I wish I had done it earlier – and my wallet didn’t even feel the pinch! I will recommend you to anyone!


Our stone, tile and grout cleaning services start from just $6 per square metre.

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