Zoono Z71 Safe Protection

Less Toxic

Lasts up to 30 Days*

Zoono is not just another disinfectant! It is a very different technology that is revolutionary yet proven across 100’s of independent lab tests and TGA approved. 

Standard disinfectants work by using harsh chemicals that are toxic to organic life and highly reactive. For these reasons they don’t last long between applications and also are toxic in quantity.

Zoono works by creating a negatively charged molecular layer that is bonded to the surface and attracts positively charged organic molecules (Viruses, Bacteria and Mould spores) and ruptures them using a physical kill :

This bonded anti-microbial  layer persists through wipe downs and cleans.

This layer is much less toxic than disinfectants, and in the quantities used in a fogging unit that can apply a layer evenly non toxic to the point of being food safe. 

Zoono requires less labour, less product and is both more effective and far less toxic than standard disinfectants.

Take advantage of our Virus & Bacteria cleaning solution that harnesses the power of Zoono Z-71 Surface protection;
featuring antimicrobial technology supported by 100+ independent laboratory tests.
It provides up to 30 days surface protection against most bacteria and virii.

Zoono Z71 provides you with the safest and most effective way to provide persitent protection against pathogens accross large areas.


For an area of 200 square meters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need sanitisation and disinfectant services on top of a regular clean?

Cleaning effectively removes visible soil, debris, microorganisms and organic substances from surfaces but it does not necessarily kill germs. It is a vital first step in the process of removing COVID-19 from your property. However, in order to truly eliminate the virus and minimise the risk of infection, powerful sanitisation and disinfectant products are required.

How is this product applied?

Your surfaces will be cleaned and then the premises will be fogged using Zoono’s Microbe Shield Z71 surface sanitiser. After the application, cleaning agents and soaps can be used on the surfaces as the Zoono sanitisation layer will continue to work against bacteria, viruses and germs for up to 30 days.

How is this product effective against the coronavirus?

Zoono’s Advanced Sanitising Technology (AST) is supported by 100+ independent laboratory tests. The antimicrobial technology kills viruses (including COVID-19) on textiles, skin and surfaces. The product is 100% safe (TGA registered), environmentally friendly, alcohol-free and less toxic than coffee, making it the perfect solution for maintaining the health of your loved ones, staff or any customers visiting your premises.

Do you exclude any type of cleaning from your cleaning services?

MagiCare Clean will provide you with what we believe your property needs to ensure a comprehensive maintenance service. Should you have any special requirements, please don’t hesitate to ask. We always strive to accommodate your requests and unique needs.

Do you provide a regular service?

MagiCare does provide a regular service that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Our Regular Clean customers benefit from discounted rates across a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services. Call us on 1300 88 99 50 to find out.

Happy Customers (Client Reviews)

I highly recommend the MagiCare Clean team. They were polite, respectful and paid attention to detail. Thank you!

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