High Pressure Cleaning

MagiCare Clean can assist you with the high pressure cleaning of your home, apartment or office – we pressure clean driveways and other high areas.

Please note that high pressure cleaning is not recommended for all surfaces as permanent damage may occur even at a later stage. Our representative will advise you and make the proper recommendations.


Can mould or dirt marks be removed from external walls with brick or rendered brick walls?

MagiCare Clean can save you the unnecessary need of repainting the external area of either your house or commercial building. Even if the walls are of bricks, rendered walls, gutters, and facia board, a regular clean will enhance the presentation of your property and avoid unnecessary damage to the paint work.

How high can you reach for your pressure wash as I have a 2 storey home?

We can easily reach up to about 6 meters high from the ground safely.