Frequently Asked Questions


Where is MagiCare clean located

We are located in Sydney and service a 10km radius from Chatswood.

What cleaning services do you provide?

We are a one-stop shop professional cleaning service. Our team is well versed in tackling everything from office and commercial cleaning to homes, gyms and childcare centres.

Do you provide a regular service?

MagiCare does provide a regular service that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Our Regular Clean customers benefit from discounted rates across a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services. Call us on 1300 88 99 50 to find out more.

Why is it important to have my office/gym/childcare centre cleaned?

Providing a hygienic and clean environment for your staff members, customers or children helps to reduce illness, increase performance and boost general well-being.

Are your staff reliable and can they be trusted in our home?

MagiCare Clean is very strict in the selection and training of our staff members. We request an Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Police Check and Working with Children Check as a standard part of our hiring process.

What happens if any of my belongings are damaged by your workers?

MagiCare Clean is fully insured and our public liability cover completely protects you. However, we will always immediately replace any items that have been broken by our workers to save you the hassle and time of following up a lengthy insurance claim.

Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Can a gurney be used to clean tiled surfaces (e.g. terracotta tiles) and stone pavers (e.g. sandstone or travertine)?

Gurneys, like any high-pressure equipment, can be very helpful cleaning tools but they can also be very damaging when used in the wrong context. Soft surfaces, such as stone and grout areas, are weakened with the use of high-pressure machines and this causes cracks to form. When used on hard surfaces, such as concrete driveways and paths, the damage is often avoidable if the machine is used properly.

I applied a sealer on my floor but now it is showing lot of scratch marks and peeling off in some areas. Can my tiles be fixed?

The surface can be stripped to remove the old sealer before applying a more appropriate sealer that will not change the look or colour of the original tile. This is something that our team can help advise you on.

My travertine flooring has gone darker in colour than when it was first installed. Can the original colour be restored?

The change in colour is largely due to dirt that has been absorbed into the pores of the flooring due to daily wear and tear, and cleaning. In order to prevent future staining and colour warping, a protection must be applied to the pores after completing a professional clean.

Our sandstone walls show a lot of black spots and look very dirty. Should they be replaced?

There is absolutely no need to replace your sandstone walls. MagiCare Clean can quickly and easily restore the sandstone to its original look.

Are you an approved applicator to seal my porous tiles? Do you provide a warranty for the sealer?

You can trust us to get the job done right because MagiCare Clean is a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator. The warranty of the sealer we use is always emailed directly to you by Dry-Treat.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

My carpets were recently steam cleaned. It appears that they now become dirtier much faster. Should I get them dry cleaned instead?

This often happens if the detergent used while steam cleaning is not properly extracted from the carpet. Unfortunately, the detergent that was left to dry in the carpet attracts all the dirt from people’s shoes when they walk on it. To solve this problem, the carpet simply needs to be steam cleaned properly, using the right equipment and process.

I’m organising a party with some friends, but my carpet looks a bit dirty. Having the carpet cleaned before the party could make it look worse again afterwards, but I don’t want to leave it as it is. What should I do?

Prior to the party, MagiCare Clean can provide a special service to make your carpet look spotless. Our team will then complete a deep steam clean after your party at no additional cost.

My mum dropped her glass of wine on my carpet after it was cleaned. Can the stain be removed?

You’re in luck! MagiCare Clean provides a spot cleaning service to remove stains from your carpet. The sooner a stain is removed, the better. Call us on 1300 88 99 50 to get it sorted ASAP.

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can remove dirt from my carpet?

Download our helpful brochure to find out how to treat every different kind of spill and stain. Alternatively, call us on 1300 88 99 50 and we will personally send you a copy.

High Pressure Cleaning

Can mould and dirt marks be removed from external brick or rendered walls?

MagiCare Clean can save you the hassle of repainting the external areas of your house or commercial building due to unsightly mould and dirty marks. Regular cleaning of brick, rendered walls, gutters, and facia boards is critical to prevent unnecessary damage to the paintwork and enhance the presentation of your property.

How high can you reach with your pressure washing services? I have a two-storey home.

We can easily and safely reach up to about 6 metres from the ground with our pressure washing equipment. This length is more than adequate to service a two-storey home.

2.3. I have a catering business. Our work vans are continuously moving food and greasy appliances to different places. As a result, our concrete floors have absorbed a lot of grease. Are you able to clean the area without letting anything through the drains?

You bet! We have the necessary equipment to clean the area, including a suction machine that ensures nothing goes down the drain.

Home and Office Cleaning

Can you supply all of the sanitary products that are required for our office?

MagiCare Clean can supply all of your sanitary products as well as handling your general garbage and recycling removal.

Do you exclude any type of cleaning from your house and office cleaning services?

MagiCare Clean will provide you with what we believe your home or office needs to ensure a comprehensive maintenance service. Should you have any special requirements, please don’t hesitate to ask. We always strive to accommodate your requests and unique needs.

Our driveway gets very slippery, mainly when it is wet. What can be used to prevent someone from slipping?

The driveway needs to be cleaned because mould makes the surface very slippery when wet. You can register with us to take advantage of our Regular Clean promotion and ensure mould is kept off your driveway for good.