Magicare Clean a proud supporter of the National Council of Ambulance Unions

Aren’t we all lucky to benefit from the outstanding services of our ambulances & paramedics.
Without them where could we all be today.
On a bright Tuesday morning of the 1st of May 2012, I became the luckiest man to benefit from the outstanding work of our ambulance services & paramedics, at a time when it was least expected.

While helping out at work, I had a 6.5 meters fall onto sandstone pavers.The quick response & great care of our ambulance crew & paramedics was critical.

I was rushed to RNS hospital and was the very lucky man to fully recover from a severe brain injury. A team of eight neurosurgeons who looked after me were all shocked and surprised that I would make it through.

I have no doubt that the speedy response of our ambulance & paramedics contributed immensely to my full recovery.  Without them I would not be here today or perhaps I would not have fully recovered.

Please join the MagiCare Clean Team to show your kind appreciation to our ambulances & paramedics union for the outstanding support they bring to our community.