Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Your choice of Steam Cleaning OR Dry Cleaning. Ask about our Protection and/or our anit allergen product for people with allergies.

Handy Tips for Carpet and Upholstery Stain Removal

How to maintain your valuable Carpet & Upholstery The answer is nothing more than regular and thorough vacuuming as often as possible. Once or twice a week is quite reasonable. The biggest enemy to your carpet are the particles of dirt, dust and soil that make their way to the bottom of the pile from the surface. It therefore makes perfect sense to vacuum them up as soon as possible before they become embedded into the pile of the carpet.

Depending on traffic, most people have their carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Have your carpet steam cleaned by a qualified technician to ensure that the proper processes are carefully followed, the proper detergents are used and that no residues are left behind, as this will make your carpet dirtier quicker & shorten the life expectancy of your valued assets. For a free assessment and quote by a qualified technician please call MagiCare Clean on 1300 88 99 50

Spot cleaning tips for carpet and upholstery

When attempting to spot clean your carpet or Upholstery, remember two main rules:

  1. Blot, dilute and repeat as much as necessary
    Firstly scoop up, vacuum or blot up as much of the spill as possible. Then dilute the remaining spill with the recommended treatment from the table following.
  1. Clean Like with Like
    If spill is oily (ie mineral oils, greasy marks) it will not mix with water, use dry cleaning fluid or white spirit. If spill is fatty (ie ice cream, gravy etc) use a detergent solution. If spill is watery (ie wine, beer, soft drink etc) use ordinary soda water.


Our Carpet were steam cleaned recently. It appears that the carpet became dirtier a lot quicker afterwards. Should I get it Dry clean instead?

This often happens if the detergent used while steam cleaning is not properly extracted from the carpet.
The detergent that was left to dry in the carpet attracts all the dirt from the shoes while people walk on it.

The carpet simply needs to be steam cleaned properly with the right equipment.

When steam cleaning of carpet is properly done, the carpet has a thorough clean provided all the steps are properly followed.

I’m organising a party with some friends but my carpet floor looks a bit dirty. Having it cleaned before the party could make it look bad again afterwards and not cleaning it looks a bit awkward. Can you propose a solution?

MagiCare Clean can provide a special clean prior to the party to make your carpet look great. Our team will then complete the clean after your party to properly steam clean the carpet floor at no additional cost.

My mum dropped her glass of wine after my carpet floor was recently cleaned. Can the stain be removed?

MagiCare Clean does provide a service to spot clean stains from your carpet. The sooner the stain is removed the better.

Do you have suggestions as to how I can remove dirt from my carpet.

Please download our brochure that will help you treat all the different kind of spills. Click on this link to download a brochure or call us on 1300 88 99 50 and we will send you one.