Dear Customers, 

Our state and country are enduring the worst bushfire crisis in living memory. As well as the tragic loss of life and destruction of property and environmental devastation the fires have impacted our daily lives through smoke and soot and poor air quality. Magicare Clean has made it’s own donation to the Rural Fire Service, who have been on the front line throughout this gruelling crisis. 

We would like to make it easier for our customers to donate whilst also themselves dealing with the fallout from the fires. 

To that end for our next 10 customers who book a one-off service with us we will donate the full amount to the NSW Rural Fire Service.*

For new regular cleaning on yearly contract the first months invoice will be donated.

Afterwards, as we are 20 years old this year we will be donating 20% of all other invoice amounts to the Rural Fire Service throughout January.

Most of all, like everyone we are hoping for rain and an end to the drought.

We wish you all a wonderful year ahead.

Nicolas Poussin 

(we will email our donation receipts to our customers)