About Us

Our Story

Our founder, Nicolas Poussin, worked in the corporate sector for over 24 years before he decided to start his own commercial cleaning business – MagiCare Clean.

Nicolas was frequently appalled by the quality of cleaning service that his company’s offices received, and beyond the aesthetic element, poor hygiene levels were harming his health. Working from the office was worsening his allergies, impacting his sleep and leaving him unable to focus or perform properly in his role.

He was curious to know exactly what the cleaners were doing each night because as far as he could see, there was fluff, dirt and dust coming from every desk, appliance and room!

After spending far too long cleaning his own desk space and having to work from home, Nicolas decided to stay late for a full week to see exactly what the cleaners were doing. He was shocked by the incredibly light-touch and lacklustre effort that was being put in each evening.

When he investigated further into why this was happening at a multi-million-dollar company, he realised that the cleaners were very poorly paid, their allocated time to spend on each floor was very low and yet big dollars were being sent to the owners of the cleaning company.

How could this be the status quo?

Nicolas decided it was time to inspire change in the industry, and that is how MagiCare Clean came to be.

MagiCare Clean was designed to do things differently. It was decided that the company would take better care of its cleaners who in turn would feel motivated to deliver their best work on each and every job. Individuals who decided to exclude the cleaning component from their rental agreement would start getting the results they deserved. Businesses would finally receive quality cleaning services at their offices, and this would lead to better staff performance. In this cleaning company vision, everyone wins.

20 years later and Nicolas’ vision is still going strong.

Our Values

1. Fast and Flexible

We commit to always giving you our best work with absolutely no disruptions.

We can offer you an efficient and flexible regular cleaning service that fits in around your schedule as well as delivering first-class results for last minute emergencies, special occasions and functions.

2. Conscientious and Thorough

When we finish your job, expect your premises to be spotlessly clean, dust-free and hygienic across all visible and non-visible surfaces.

Both your personal and communal areas will be left sparkling, fresh and replenished thanks to our team’s rigorous approach and strong attention to detail.

3. Professional and Respectful

We understand that offices, gyms and childcare centres often contain expensive and delicate equipment that need to be treated with the utmost care.

We also understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality in office environments. All our staff are both vetted and trained thoroughly.

Trust is the foundation of what we do, and our longstanding client relationships are testament to this.

Why Choose Us?

Making your life easier is the aim of our game.

We can help you:

Fit cleaning in around your busy schedule through our responsive and non-intrusive 24/7 service.

Do more with your time by leaving the dirty work to us and focusing on what you do best.

Get more for your money by hiring an efficient team who know how to work smarter without compromising on quality.

Our People

We are a dynamic, enthusiastic and responsive team of passionate professionals.

Every member of the MagiCare Clean staff is highly skilled, and each cleaner brings years of industry experience to your personalised maintenance service.

We run all of our projects in teams of at least two.

This ensures there will always be someone present to check the other’s outputs – it helps us achieve a first-class finish, every single time.

Both team members will also learn the intricacies of your site, allowing them to get other staff members up to speed on your specific project, if required, in no time.